How to get a Kodama blessing in Nioh 2

Kodam blessings give you different passive buffs during your journey.

During your travels, you will visit alters where your character can pray in Nioh 2. These shrines are where you can level up your character, invite friends to join you, save your progress, change your guardian spirit, and receive a Kodama blessing. Kodama blessings are passive abilities that give your character enhancements during your game.

There are five types of Kodama blessings available to you:

  • Oracle blessing: Increases the amount of Amrita acquired.
  • Samurai blessing: Increase the equipment drop rate.
  • Yamabushi blessing: Increases the Soul Core drop rate.
  • Healer blessing: Increases the elixir drop rate.
  • Hunter blessing: Increases the drop rate of materials.

You can only have one blessing active at any given time. However, you cannot visit a shrine and have access to all of these blessings. You can only gain access to them by locating Kodama guardian spirits you meet along the way. Finding these spirits is a little difficult because they are hidden throughout an area. You may pass them if you are not exploring the game or looking in unorthodox places.

When you visit a shrine you can see how many Kodama spirits you have located in a specific area and how many you have left. To find out, go to the make offering option in the shrine menu and choose to receive a Kodama blessing. On the lower right-hand section of your screen, you should see how many you have found in the current and how many you have left. The more you find, the more blessings you can give yourself and the stronger they become.

Kodama are important, and exploring every inch of an area in Nioh 2 is essential to locate all of them. You always want to learn how to recharge your ki during combat and how to change your stance, altering how your character fights during a battle.