How to get a lightsaber in Super Animal Royale

We have a bad feeling about this.

Image via Modus Games

There is no cooler weapon than a lightsaber, and while it’s not technically called that within Super Animal Royale, the light sword is definitely paying homage to a galaxy far, far, away. Just like the Star Wars movies, it’s relatively challenging to get your hands on one.

To get a lightsaber (light sword), you will need to purchase it from Cackling Carl’s Cart. This is where you have to be lucky. You see, the items that Cackling Carl sells are randomized daily. You’ll have to check the cart daily for a chance to get the lightsaber. There is no other way of attaining this legendary weapon otherwise, and unfortunately, we have no idea when they will appear again, if ever. We expect they might cheekily pop up on May The 4th or during the release of a new Star Wars flick/series, but we’re not sure.

However, we know how much they are worth, thanks to the Super Animal Royale Fandom Wiki. You can then save up the amount of cash you’ll need to grab one of the lightsabers. 

  • Super Green Light Sword (300 coins) – Uncommon
  • Super Blue Light Sword (750 coins) – Rare
  • Super Purple Light Sword (1500 coins) – Epic
  • Super Red Light Sword (3000 coins) – Legendary

Good luck in finding the light swords in Super Animal Royale. May The Force Be With You.