How to get a Maypole in Valheim and what it does

Welcome to Summer.

Image via Iron Gate Studio

The Maypole is a large wooden pole you place down during large celebrations, which typically appear throughout Europe. You have the chance to make one of these poles in Valheim, and for those who are putting on a festival in their stronghold, we highly recommend doing so to commemorate any memorable occasions. Here’s what you need to know about how to get a Maypole in Valheim and what it does.

How to get a Maypole

Unfortunately, the only way to get a Maypole was during a special event in Valheim during the midsummer time in Sweden. During the summer season, all players had the chance to create a Maypole at will, and these were the ingredients you needed to have to craft one at your base.

  • 10 Wood
  • 4 Dandelions
  • 4 Thistle

You could freely place it anywhere within your base once you had all these ingredients. Again, crafting a Maypole was only available during specific times in Valheim, and an event like this will likely return to the game, giving more players the chance to create them again or for the first time.

There is a chance you might find a Maypole somewhere in your world, typically at the center of abandoned villages. However, these are random, and if you attempt to break these structures to build them elsewhere, they will despawn.

What a Maypole does

The Maypole does nothing for you or your party members except for providing a comfort level of one. You will not receive a special buff with the item in your base. It is merely an appearance item for you and your group to enjoy.