How to get a Mimic’s Toe in Wytchwood

Reduce the imposter to matchsticks.

Image via Whitethorn Digital

Mimics can be tricky to identify in any game, camouflaging themselves as everyday objects and lying in wait for unsuspecting passersby. In Wytchwood, all the Mimics have disguised themselves as chests. And instead of trying to avoid them, you’ll have to track them down and take their Toes.

A quick look at the Grimoire indicates we should be looking for Mimics in the Village or the Market. Although either area will do, we’ve had the best luck when searching the Village specifically. Before heading there though, it’s best to make sure you already have a Skeleton Key. If not, you can craft one with three Grave Bones, a Mummified Head, and an Iron Nail.

To identify a Mimic, you can simply inspect chests from a distance using your Witch Eye Sense. Since the Village has quite a few chests, you’ll probably have to check more than one before you find a Mimic. Take note that Mimics will only be disguised as large chests, not small ones.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve located a Mimic, taking its Toe is a relatively simple process. First, equip your Skeleton Key. Then, approach the Mimic. As soon as you get nearby, the Mimic will jump off the ground and chase you. As soon as it gets close (but before it reaches you) use your Skeleton Key on it.

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Doing this will stun the Mimic, which will give you a chance to chop it to pieces with your Logger’s Hatchet and take its Toe for yourself.

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