How to get a Mystic Hardfang in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

More monster materials to add to your Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak inventory.

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You might be looking for a Mystic Hardfang in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, depending on the weapons and armor you’re trying to craft at Elgado Outpost. It’s a useful material and one you might have trouble trying to locate as you down the tougher monsters in Master Rank quests. This guide covers how to get a Mystic Hardfang in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to find Mystic Hardfang

The Mystic Hardfang is an item you acquire by defeating a Khezu. The Khezu is a blind wyvern capable of attacking you with a neck that extends out and unleashes massive bolts of electricity against you and your hunting party.

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There are multiple ways you can acquire the Mystic Hardfang while battling a Khezu. You have a 29% chance of receiving it as a target reward for completing a hunt featuring a Khezu, you have a 33% chance of earning it as a capture reward, you can find it when breaking its head, and a 24% chance when carving it, or there’s 27% chance it might drop off during the encounter. Given the variety of options, capturing a Khezu is not bad. This offers one of the better chances of earning a Mystic Hardfang, whereas carving it only provides a 24% chance to loot it after defeating the creature.

The more quests you run featuring a Khezu in Master Rank, the better your chances of acquiring this helpful resource. You can increase your chances of finding this item by using a Gold Wirebug on another creature and Wyvern Attacks against Khezu.