How to get a Nemesis in GRID Legends

Do you have an enemy?

Image via Codemasters

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When the last GRID game, aptly titled GRID, was released in 2019, Codemasters implemented the Nemesis system. This system was designed to make racing more dynamic and difficult, as it would make users need to weigh the risks of being too aggressive and hitting an opposing driver, or whether to avoid contact. The Nemesis system made it more likely for AI drivers to target your car, and this feature is back for GRID Legends. But what exactly do you need to do in order to get a Nemesis? Let’s take a look.

Players can obtain a Nemesis in a number of ways. One is simply due to a rivalry that has been established, and this related much more to the Story mode. Throughout the Story mode, users will be tasked to take on a number of star drivers, such as Valentin Manzi and Nathan McKane. If, for example, the objective in one event was to outdrive that particular competitor, don’t be surprised if that individual will become your Nemesis going forward.

Additionally, players will also have the option to make one of those competitors a Nemesis. This can be done by bashing into another driver on a repeated basis. And, we should note that anyone on the course, including your own teammate, could become turn from an ally into a foe. So, be careful when heading out on the track, and watch how you attack.