How to get a pet crab in Roblox Islands

Find yourself the perfect island pet.


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The crab is one of the most desirable pets in Roblox Islands after the addition of pirates. There’s no more appropriate follower for a salty sea dog than a creature that’s capable of picking bones clean when nothing else can. However, it’s not the easiest pet to acquire. This guide covers how you can get yourself your very own pet crab and live your best pirate life.

How to get a pet crab

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The pet crab will only appear in treasure chests around your island that Davey the Traveling Pirate has sent you after. This NPC can spawn on any island in the world. If he spawns on yours, then he’ll give you a treasure map for free. If he doesn’t, though, you’ll need to go to Pirate Island and buy a treasure map for 150 Dubloons. Pirate Davey will spawn on your island once per day, but if you’ve just started your account, you won’t see him until your second day.

With the treasure map in hand, head back to your Hub Island and open it up. You’ll see a red X on the map. This is the location of the treasure chest. So now all you have to do is head off, dig the treasure chest up, bring it home, and open it.

Unfortunately, every treasure chest only provides you with a chance of getting a pet crab. It’s a rare drop from treasure chests, so if you’re desperate, you’ll have to buy a lot of treasure maps. However, you can farm Dubloons by completing quests, which will allow you to go back and buy more treasure maps, giving you more opportunities to earn the fabled crustacean potentially.