How to get the Vamp Bow Blueprint in Roblox Islands

Get the brand new, powerful bow in Roblox with our guide!

The recent update to Roblox Islands brought the rarest weapon in the game: the Vamp Bow. This new ranged weapon does the most damage per strike and needs a blueprint for you to craft it, much like the Tidal Spellbook.

To get the blueprint, you’re going to have to kill a lot of enemies and grind it out until they drop the blueprint. The drop rate for this blueprint is 0.02%, or 1/5000, so you will have to be working on this for awhile unless you have insane luck.

Regardless, you’ll need to know where to grind and what monsters to kill, so let’s get started.

Finding the Blueprint

You’re going to need to get to the new Desert Island. To do this is going to require a string of going to different islands to get keys. Here is how it will go

  • kill a Slime to get a Buffalkor Key to Buffalkor Island,
  • head there, and
  • Kill a Buffalkor to get the Wizard Island Key. 

Once at the Wizard Island, kill a lot of Wizards, and eventually, they will drop the Desert Island Key for the Desert Island area.

When you have that, head to the island. Across from Scorpion on Desert Island, where the portal is, you will see many scorpions. These are what you will have to kill for a long time. These guys can hit hard, so you’ll want to use a Spellbook of some kind to attack from afar and avoid their attacks.

Killing these guys will be your life until the blueprint drops.

Scorpion on Desert Island

Unfortunately, a bug can make this process even worse: sometimes, the hitbox for the scorpions won’t register for the scorpions. Just keep attacking when this happens, and you will start hitting them eventually.

Alternative: Buy the Blueprint

If you have a lot of money, you could possibly find someone who is selling the blueprint. Just be ready to shell out the money since this is a new item.

This also means you could sell your blueprint you get from the scorpions for a good haul if you decide that’s better than the weapon itself—just something to consider.

Crafting the Blueprint

With the blueprint finally in hand and many scorpion corpses on the ground, it is time to craft the Vamp Bow.

The blueprint requires 1 Artifact Bow and 1 Ruby Skorp Stinger. Hopefully, the stringers will have dropped for you when you were killing the scorpions. To make an Artifact Bow, you’ll need 3 Ancient Slime String and 1 Hardened Bow Limb. You can get an Ancient Slime String from Slimes and craft the Hardened Bow Limb for 300 Maple Wood.

The bow is finally yours. It is a great option, but while each shot from the bow does the most damage, the Tidal Spellbook does more damage per second. It is easier to obtain, easier to aim, and doesn’t require ammo. It’s a more efficient weapon to use, so it’s up to you which one works better for you and your play-style.

Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Mac.