How to get a pickaxe in Mr. Prepper

Crack some rocks.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you journey through Mr. Prepper, you’ll start to find new biomes to explore. The first of these is the forest, but soon after, you’ll unlock the mines. At first, this area is relatively closed off, as you’ll need a pickaxe to make your way past some of the larger rocks that call the mine home. The game doesn’t exactly spell out where to find this essential item, but, fortunately, it’s not too tough to find.

Where to find the pickaxe

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The first place you’ll have an opportunity to grab the pickaxe is on the second level of the mines. To get to that point, you’ll first need to spend some metal to repair the elevator. Then, you have to go down to the bottom of the first level, fight off some demonic rats, and get a keycard.

This opens up the second level. Immediately upon entering, you’ll notice all kinds of new stuff to do. You might be tempted to hop in right away and start checking everything out. Instead of doing that, you’ll be better served by getting to know your newest friend Bob.

Where is Bob’s Shop

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Bob’s shop is found at the top layer of the second level on the mine. Simple go to your left from the elevator and look for the opening in the walls. It’s a bit hard to see at a glance, but the shop glows if you mouse over it. You can also access his shop from the mailbox, which is great news if you missed his shop while down in the mine.

Regardless of how you start trading with Bob, you can get the pickaxe for $26. That’s a hefty chunk of change, but it’s well worth it. You’ll be able to move much deeper into the mines and breaking up the rocks often gives you resources you sell back to Bob for some extra cash.

Getting the pickaxe is paramount if you’re looking to move forward in Mr. Prepper. While everything in the game builds on itself, you could find yourself stuck if you miss Bob’s shop when it unlocks. Make sure to hop over and buy the latest tools to keep your progression chugging along.