How to get a Pipe Baton in 7 Days to Die

Bash in some undead skulls with the Pipe Baton.

Image via The Fun Pimps

In the survival-crafter 7 Days to Die, figuring out how to turn your environment into a buffer of safety between yourself and the hordes of undead is the primary means of living. While players will loot multiple forms of weapons to firmly wedge into a zombie’s skull, they can also craft unorthodox weaponry to give them a better chance of survival.

The Pipe Baton is firmly in the latter — constructed of hope and ingenuity, while offering a sizeable damage modifier to help quell the hordes of undead. The Pipe Baton is notable for the early-game usage it offers: players will only need to scrounge around a bit in order to piece one together, although it’s dependent what loot drops.

In order to craft the Pipe Baton, players will need to scavenge three item types:

  • Short Iron Pipe – 4
  • Glue – 2
  • Leather – 3
Screenshot by DoubleXP

The leather may very well be the hardest part of this crafting recipe, as they can typically be found from animals, positing a difficult fight for many players. If the player is lucky enough to happen upon a deer or pig, eliminating the creature will likely require a bow and a couple of arrows. Else, the animal happened upon is hostile, meaning a high-level melee weapon due to standard speed buffs.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Glue should be sought within garages and workshop regions, while short iron pipes have a wide-ranging spawn rate. After a seven-second craft, the Pipe Baton is ready for use. A standard attack is a quick, one-handed strike with medium damage, while the power-attack is a two-handed strike that can knock down most foes. Be careful, as the power attack does leave the player open for counters.

The Pipe Baton can, and should, be replaced quickly with the Iron Fireaxe, as it offers far greater melee damage and object-harvesting power. For early game, however, the Pipe Baton is a quick weapon that will serve its owner well.