How to get A+ ratings in Super Meat Boy Forever

Improve your times with these top tips.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Like with the original Super Meat Boy game, Super Meat Boy Forever has a challenge where you can pass a level with an A+ rating by completing it within a certain time limit. The first game relied heavily on you knowing when you sprint and take risks with your life to get to the end on time. With full control, measuring and timing jumps to dodge through obstacles was down to you alone.

In Forever, collecting the A+ is not quite as simple. The time required to get the A+ rating on each level needs you to contribute more than just getting to the end of your normal speed and trajectory. With the game moving forward for you at all times, there is a greater urgency to push and squeeze every inch you can out of a run while you have the space to do it.

This means that you will need to take advantage of the punching mechanics and the dive to allow you to improve times as much as possible. 

The punching mechanic, triggered by pressing one of the jump buttons whilst in the air, will propel you forward a small amount, but you can only use this once in a jump sequence. This is replenished if you punch through an enemy, allowing you to use it again while in the air. In order to make up the time to achieve the target time, you will need to punch at every opportunity you get. 

If there is a safe, empty space to jump to or an enemy with room after them to punch again and propel yourself forward, do so as much as possible. If you need to be falling into an area, make sure to dive down to avoid floating slowly. If you don’t make a jump on the first attempt, making up the time will be very difficult. You would be better off restarting the track, or dying and going back to the previous checkpoint.

If you stick to these tips, you should be more consistent in picking up the A+ ratings. With each level you achieve it, you will unlock the equivalent level in the Dark World mode, where each level is modified to present a bigger challenge.