How to get a Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me

Get your hands on the elusive Shadow Dragon with our Roblox Adopt Me! guide.

The Shadow Dragon was released onto the world of Roblox Adopt Me! for its Halloween event last year. Being a seasonal item to obtain, the Shadow Dragon quickly became something many players sought after.

Unfortunately, when the event ended, the Shadow Dragon went off the table. You could no longer obtain it through the normal means in the event. However, that does not mean there are still not ways for you to get a Shadow Dragon; they are just a little more difficult and not necessarily a guarantee.


Codes can be entered in Roblox Adopt Me! to accomplish a few different tasks, mainly to help get you a lot of Robux, the in-game currency. Sometimes though, you can get a pet to pop up with a code, including the Shadow Dragon.

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You just need to keep an eye out for any codes out there that you can enter. Make sure you are checking in with the community and internet in order to see what codes are floating around for you to use. There isn’t a downside to it since odds are you will just walk away with a bigger wallet. Even with the disappointment of not getting a Shadow Dragon, that’s still a good deal.


You can put all those Robux to good use in your efforts to get a Shadow Dragon by entering the trading game.

There are many players out there who have bought multiple Shadow Dragons, or even just one, with the intention of trading it. Now, you can’t just give someone your Robux for an item as that goes against the game’s policy, but you can use those Robux to purchase specific items that you can bring to the table in order to barter a Shadow Dragon away from someone.

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Trading a huge part of the game and something that almost everyone engages with. With both parties getting what they want, it’s a great method of getting that elusive, spooky pet.


The final method is to follow the big names in Roblox on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms. Many of these personalities will have multiple Shadow Dragons in their inventory, as they could afford to buy a lot when the event was held. If you want, you can keep an eye on the big-name creators and watch out for those times when they have big giveaways.

With the Shadow Dragon being so rare, it is often the item being given away in these events. If you want it, then enter yourself into the giveaway for a chance to win it! Or, sometimes they will just give them out while they are streaming to a random person in their chat. Just be sure to do this with the verified creators and streamers out there. You don’t want to fall victim to a scam.