How to get a Terra Blade in Terraria

Your enemies will know fear.

Image via MTEN on YouTube

The Terra Blade is one of the greatest weapons in Terraria post-hardmode, and its rework in 1.4.4 had changed how it works on a fundamental level. The blade still requires the crafting as before, but now fires massive arcs of magic, requiring neither magic or ammunition, and can trivialize most enemies with ease. Here’s how to get yourself the Terra Blade.

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Getting the Terra Blade in Terraria

This blade doesn’t come easy; a bit of work is needed to reach it, but it’s well worth the time investment. To progress through Terraria’s hardmode, you’ll be eliminating these bosses regardless, so cobbling the Terra Blade together is more a matter of when, rather than if.

Enter Hardmode in Terraria

In order for the Terra Blade to be craftable, first players will need to enter hardmode. This is done by defeating the Wall of Flesh in Hell, summoned by tossing the Voodoo Doll into the lava anywhere within Hell itself. After defeating the Wall of Flesh, the world itself will undergo drastic changes: new ores will appear, enemies, bosses, and mechanics for players to contend with. First, the three mechanical bosses The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime all need to be defeated.

Defeat Plantera

After defeating the three mechanical bosses, Plantera spawns somewhere in the jungle biome, underground. On PC, consoles, mobile versions, and via tModLoader, the Terra Blade can only be crafted after defeating Plantera. On Legacy versions, such as 3DS and Windows Phone, it can be crafted after defeating the three mechanical bosses in Hardmode.

Craft Terra Blade

Once Plantera is defeated (entering post-Plantera hardmode), the Broken Hero Sword can be obtained from killing Mothron, which spawns during the Solar Eclipse event, at a 25% drop rate. Once the Broken Hero Blade has been obtained, combine it with a True Night’s Edge and True Excaliber at a Mythril Anvil to craft the Terra Blade.