How to get a thunder stone in Valheim

Time to visit an old friend.

Image provided by Iron Gate

There are numerous mythical items that you can find in Valheim, and with the correct ingredients you’ll be able to craft many of them, such as a hammer that feels similar to Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer. If you want to add another legendary item to your base, we recommend picking up the thunder stone. You can find it in Valheim following the game’s Hearth and Home update. Where you get the thunder stone should feel like visiting an old friend.

You’ll need to find the trader if you want to find the thunder stone. For those who are having trouble finding the trader, it’s bound to happen. The trader typically spawns in your world in the Black Forest biome, and he’s never too far away from the starting location. He might be over a new continent, but so far, we haven’t seen him spawning on the other side of the world. Before you find him, you should see his distinct coin purse icon on the mini-map that gives away his location.

When you find the trader, all you need to do is hand over 50 gold coins. You can find these coins in multiple ways, such as defeating skeletons, raiding dungeons, defeating ogres, or selling some of your gems and rubies to the trader, who happily accepts them.

Once you have the thunder stone, you’ll learn how to craft the obliterator.

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