How to get a Weapon Rack in Green Hell

Manage your inventory with this valuable item.

Green Hell

Image via Creepy Jar

In order to effectively survive in Green Hell, you’ll need to stay relatively organized while traversing the Amazon rainforest. One such way to manage your inventory is by crafting weapon racks to store your unused equipment. Aside from inventory management, placing weapons or tools on a rack will also prevent them from degrading, prolonging each item’s life. Here’s how you can obtain these valuable structures in Green Hell.

Before you can obtain a weapon rack, you’ll first need to find the blueprint to create one. You can find this blueprint in a camp inhabited by forest natives located at 47’W 18’S. In the Spirits of Amazonia mode, you’ll find it at a Waraha camp located at 48’W 33’S.

After obtaining the weapon rack blueprint, you’ll now be able to build to your heart’s content. You’ll need seven long sticks and four pieces of rope to put together one weapon rack. If you’re lacking either of these ingredients, just cut down a few trees for the sticks, and search for Liana vines on trees that can be fashioned into ropes upon pickup. The final product will be able to hold a total of nine items: Two bows, three spears and/or fishing rods, and four smaller tools.