How to get a Workbench in Core Keeper

The Workbench is the bastion of progress within Core Keeper, and building one sets players on the path for success!

Image via Pugstorm

Core Keeper sends players into an underground labyrinth filled with monsters, loot, and more mining than you can shake a pickaxe at. In order to make use of all of the materials that adventurers will gather, workbenches and the like will be necessary for crafting.

There are multiple workbenches that players will craft throughout their time within Core Keeper, upgrading the bench as new and better materials are found. The first workbench that players will need to craft for progress is the Basic Workbench, which costs eight wood and can be built in the player’s inventory.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Basic Workbench, once built and placed, can then be interacted with by pressing “E”. This opens additional crafting options through the workbench, which then can be used to craft successive workbenches. The second workbench will require two ores, tin and copper, and this progress pattern will continue throughout the length of the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As players will inevitably begin to require more furnaces, chests, and materials, centrally locating the workbenches will help crews optimize workflow. Placing resource chests next to these workbenches can further help ease players with crafting labors, much how a central crafting hub is typically built in titles such as Minecraft or Terraria.