How to defeat Omoroth in Core Keeper
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How to defeat Omoroth in Core Keeper

Learn how to bring down the largest fish in the sea.

There aren’t many titans in Core Keeper at the moment, however, each one of them will provide you with a challenge that you won’t forget. Omoroth the Sea Titan is a powerful boss that can be found in the Sunken Sea and will give most players a run for their money. To defeat Omoroth, you might have to think creatively, as the battle’s location can be constraining. To help you in killing all the titans for the core, we have provided you with a guide detailing exactly how to defeat the mighty Omoroth in Core Keeper.

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Defeating Omoroth in Core Keeper

Omoroth is a very powerful titan in Core Keeper that can only be defeated using ranged attacks. Though you can try to fight close ranged, the whirlwinds that it keeps throwing at you will kill you in seconds. This is why we propose using some of the better ranged weapons to bring down this titan.

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Players should also get their trusty shield with them, as there will be many whirlwinds coming from every direction and tentacles barraging you with attacks every other second. Having patience is the way to go, as there is no way to quickly defeat Omoroth. Defending from its attacks constantly and getting a hit or two when there is enough space is the way to go.

Now, the second most important part to consider for this fight is whether you will use a boat or you will run around the area. Using a boat to travel around the battlefield can be very hard, but rewarding. Also, make sure to use the Speeder, not the normal boat, as it is too slow and you will die in seconds.

How to defeat Omoroth in Core Keeper Platforms

The other way you could fight is by using the platforms that are next to the whirlpools. There are two ways you can use them:

  • Stand on them and tank the fight.
  • Build bridges around the whole arena and run around.

Standing on a platform for the whole fight will be a very long battle, as you will need to constantly heal and also dish out damage from time to time. The other way you could fight would be to build bridges around the whole area and walk around freely. The problem with this is that the tentacles that will spawn from time to time to melee hit you will break your platforms. This can leave you later in the fight with nowhere else to go.

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