How to defeat Ra-Akar in Core Keeper

Bring the end of the scarab.

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With the addition of a new biome come two new titan bosses in Core Keeper. Ra-Akar the Sand Titan, a giant, overpowered scarab, is hidden in the depths of the Desert of Beginnings. Players can find this creature with the help of a material-expensive thumper and an orb to show its hidden lair. To defeat Ra-Akar in Core Keeper, players need to prepare a lot of equipment and get the best gear in the game at the moment. To help you out, here is exactly what you need to do to defeat Ra-Akar in Core Keeper.

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Preparing for Ra-Akar in Core Keeper

The moment you put down the thumper in the room where Ra-Akar is hidden, it will instantly come out of the sand and start attacking you. Since there are no enemies here, you have all the time in the world to prepare for the fight.

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The first thing you should do is bring down the walls of the cavern to make more space. You will have to run around a lot. The green walls are incredibly strong, so if you can’t bring them down, just mine everything else. Once that is done, you will have enough space to build around this big arena.

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At the Galaxite Workbench, players have the opportunity to build a Galaxite Turret with 15 Galaxite Bars and 4 Mechanical Parts per turret. If you want to easily win this battle, set down roughly 20 turrets around the battlefield where Ra-Akar will appear. Try to set them next to the walls, as far from the center as possible, since the boss will otherwise destroy them.

How to win the battle with Ra-Akar in Core Keeper

Ra-Akar, the Sand Titan, doesn’t have that many attacks. However, they all deal a lot of damage that can end you in two to three hits if you don’t heal. One of the main attacks Ra-Akar uses is to get half of its body under the sand and just ricochet around the battlefield. You can’t hit it during this time, which means that this is when you should heal.

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Another attack sends blue flame balls that follow you around for around 10 seconds until they disappear. You can either use your shield to defend from it or move around in circles until they hit the ground. With a proper shield, you will get around 40 to 50 damage per orb while defending. You can decide, based on your playstyle, if you want to dodge or defend from the missile.

The most annoying attack sees the boss cause around 5 smaller bomb scarabs to appear, which are incredibly annoying. Their explosions can insta-kill you, so pay attention and keep as far away from them as possible when they jump on the ground and blink red.

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The last attack Ra-Akar can use is one where it does targeted earthquakes. These can either follow you, go around the boss slowly, or slowly come toward Ra Akar, in a circle. These deal a moderate amount of damage and have predictable patterns that players should be able to learn after a couple of attacks.

Once Ra-Akar loses 50% of its health, it will turn red and move twice as fast. Its attacks will have the same amount of damage, so this will only make a difference when it is half under the sand and running around the battlefield.