The 10 Best Mods for Core Keeper

Core Keeper mods allow players to take what’s already a deep and complex game and go further in every way to make it the best in the genre.

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Core Keeper was already a complex game when it was first released in early access, but now that complexity has grown with years of development. It’s not just the developer adding to the game, though. There are dozens of mods players have made that enhance every aspect.

The gameplay of Core Keeper is a mixture of open world survival crafting and farming simulation. It’s open for players to do almost anything they want, with new features added with every update. Even though the game has a lot going for it, some players are never satisfied. That’s why there’s a plethora of Core Keeper mods out there that anyone can use to spice up or optimize their game so they can achieve the perfect experience each time they sit down with it.

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What are the 10 Best Core Keeper Mods?

Below, we’ve outlined what we believe are the ten best Core Keeper mods. They’re not listed in any particular order, but we believe each one offers a unique spin or advantage to the game that players looking for mods will find essential and enjoyable.

Note that some of these mods require frameworks to function, but they’re all listed in the mod descriptions on their respective pages. We haven’t included those framework mods here since they’re a given if someone wants to use a mod.

Auto Fish

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The Auto Fish Core Keeper mod does exactly what players should expect it to. It’ll automatically detect which fish players are about to catch, allowing them to dodge it or catch it, depending on what they want. It will also pull in the fish and catch it unless the player stops it.

Fish are essential for progressing quickly through Core Keeper, and fishing is one of the best pastimes. However, it’s sometimes nice to have the hard work, even if it is clicking a mouse taken away, so it’s possible to truly relax and become fully immersed in the game world.

Mob Farming

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Once players hit the late game in Core Keeper, they’ll be able to craft Materializers. These allow players to spawn enemies, but those enemies don’t drop loot. The Mob Farming mod changes that so players can farm materials they’d have to head out and grind for in faraway locations without it.

The Mob Farming mod also boosts the damage of the Galaxite Turret from 200 to 1,000 base damage. We believe the idea behind this aspect of the mod is to make farming resources from enemies easier because the turrets make short work of them.


Money making in Core keeper
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The InfiniteOreBoulder Core Keeper mod spawns Ore Boulders that can’t be destroyed. They can be mined for ore endlessly, and they’re glorious. When we stumble upon an Ore Boulder, we mine it and take the resources straight back to our base to avoid losing them. With an infinite one, there’s no end to the possibilities open to a player.


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There are quite a few Core Keeper mods out there, and without a system to keep track of them, the mess of files can become daunting and make players want to delete everything and start fresh. This is where r2modman for Core Keeper comes in. It’s a mod manager that’ll keep track of every Core Keeper mod a player has installed so they don’t forget what they’re running and can turn them on and off accordingly.

We dabble with mods and wouldn’t be able to cope without a mod manager. We’re not savvy enough to understand the nuances of each different mod, so we’d rather run everything through a manager to help us stay on top of what might be breaking the game.

Equipment Keeper

Core Keeper How to Get To Desert of Beginnings
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One of the reasons it takes so long to progress in Core Keeper is item and weapon durability. It’s the same with any open world survival crafting game. Items degrade, so players are forced to build several at once or return to their base regularly.

The EquipmentKeeper Core Keeper mod removes item and weapon durability. This mod sounds like a blessing to us, and we’re sure there are players out there who wish they could go a few hours without needing to farm weapons.


Core Keeper Defeat Ra-Akar
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The Wormhole Core Keeper mod is one that’s specifically for those who play with friends. It opens up the ability to spend two Ancient Gemstones to teleport directly to a friend’s position. Provided players are in the same state, on the ground walking or in a boat sailing, then they can teleport to each other with no problem.

While there’s absolutely no benefit to this mod for solo players, it’s a huge upgrade for groups who play together. It means players can head off wherever they want to mine out a load of resources and instantly teleport back to their base or friend. If one person finds a boss and needs backup, everyone else can teleport to them to help out.

Map Extras

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Map Extras is a Core Keeper mod that adds one new and incredibly useful feature to the map. It allows players to overlay a circle that shows a specific distance from the player’s location. That distance is essential for discovering bosses such as Ra-Akar because it spawns 1,000 blocks from the center, and Mulgraz spawns 350 blocks from the same point.

While this feature may not feel essential to those who want to feel the thrill of exploration, it’s a great tool for those looking to speedrun the game or optimize their next playthrough in some way. Core Keeper’s map is so colossal that we feel this could be useful for tracking resources too.

Instant Portal Charge

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Portals can be a useful item, but they’re slow to charge and that can hinder a session if a player wants to progress far into the game. That’s where the InstantPortalCharge Core Keeper mod comes in. It removes the portal charge timer so players can use portals as frequently as they want to. This feels essential for traversing areas that are far out of the way, such as The Sunken Sea.

Keep Farming

Core Keeper farming
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Keep Farming is a fantastic Core Keeper mod because it enhances one of our favorite aspects of the game. Once installed, it adds a new machine called the Seed Extractor, which will generate seeds from produce at a rate of around 30%. This ensures a constant influx of seeds from everything that gets planted.

The Seed Extractor can also be used to turn Golden Fruit into Golden Seeds, which will grow plants that only give Golden Fruit. Finally, this mod makes it so that watering planets grants XP, which turns that entire grind into something we can get on board with.

Placement Plus

placement plus core keeper mod
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At some point in this game, players will be messing with their base in an effort to make it more efficient. The only issue is that item placement is finicky at best. It’s incredibly tedious placing items one after the other as a grid slowly forms.

That’s why the Placement Plus Core Keeper mod is a godsend. It changes building to let players place items in grids, speeding up farms of all kinds and every aspect of base building for those who can’t go to sleep until their base looks just right.

Where Do You Get Core Keeper Mods?

How to defeat Omoroth in Core Keeper
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There are two main websites that we use to get Core Keeper mods. The first is Thunderstore, which has one of the largest collections of useful mods that fans have carefully curated alongside creators. The second is, which we see as the main source of mods for Core Keeper out there. The collection is massive and well worth looking through for anyone who wants to mod their game.