How to get Abomasnow Mega Energy in Pokémon Go

Time for a new Mega Pokémon hunt.

Image via Niantic

Some Pokémon in Pokémon possess the ability to Mega-Evolve. They can become more powerful than they were in their final form, and the Mega-Evolution lasts for a certain amount of time. Once it’s gone, players will need to use specific Mega Energy to use it again. Only select Pokémon can do it, and Abomasnow will be one of those Pokémon. Starting on December 1, 2020, players will be able to earn Abomasnow Mega Energy.

One of the straightforward ways to earn this Pokémon’s Mega Energy will be to defeat it in raids. You need to find a specific Pokémon raid, and you can only earn it if you battle that Pokémon, so you need to participate in a Mega Abomasnow raid to beat it, and receive the Mega Energy as a reward. This is the primary way trainers will be earning this energy.

You can also earn Mega Energy by walking with an Abomasnow or completing specific field research tasks. The Pokémon Go Winter season has not been formally announced. Still, it will likely have specific tasks and research events that players can participate in, and these could have Abomasnow Mega Energy as a reward. These typically occur during particular events, much like the Gengar one during October. With it being Mega Abomasnow’s debut, we’ll likely hear an announcement about what events there are in a few days.