How To Access The Cube World Closed Beta On Steam


Cube World is coming to Steam, and the beta begins next week. Being honest, I thought Cube World was dead, but I was wrong. The game is not just alive, but it is more alive than ever. While this is exciting news, you might want to hold those horses for now, because getting in is reliant on a pretty specific purchase you may have made many years ago.

How To Access The Cube World Beta On Steam

The Cube World closed beta will begin on September 23, but you need to have Alpha access to the current iteration of Cube World to play. This means you need to have bought into Cube World years ago to get access to this closed beta. You will need to have access to your old Picorama account if you want to get in.

  • Log into you Picorama Account.
  • Go to My Games
  • You will see an option to get your Steam key, below the option to download the current alpha.
  • Go to Steam and redeem the code as you normally would for any other game.

As I said, it’s a relatively exclusive club who can get access to the closed beta, so I’m afraid if you were not on the Cube World hype train a few years back then you are out of luck. At the moment, there does not appear to be any other way to get access.

It should be noted, this is a closed beta, so perhaps an open beta will happen, or the game will swiftly move into a full release. The game seems to be back with some vigor, so I wouldn’t be that surprised to see things move along pretty quickly at this point.

As for the redemption process, it does indeed work. I have gotten my key and popped it into Steam, and am all set up to once again run around as Undead whacking stuff with a sword.