How to get access to El Search Party collection in Elsword

How to use the new feature to boost your favorite character.

The El Search Party Collection feature is the newest edition to Elsword that will reward players for using multiple characters. If you have a favorite character or focus on playing one over the others, this is a good reason to branch out. The new feature will give players the chance to gain buffs from the 40 unique job paths available in the game. Characters need to meet certain criteria and a short quest needs to be completed before players can access these buffs. Here is how to get access to the collection.

Get your first job

To gain access to the quest needed for the search party, you must have a character where you have already chosen your first job and completed the first job quest. Every character gets the option to choose a job once they reach level 15. Getting to level 15 is fairly easy, just keep fighting and finishing quests and you’ll get there in no time. Each character also has a unique first job quest that will need to be completed. Once you choose a job for a character you can move on to the grindy part of getting access to the collection.

Reach level 99

A character needs to be at level 99 before Camilla will give you the quest to access the collection. For new players this may feel like an eternity. There are a lot of ways to grind EXP on Elsword, but the best way involves farming field bosses for Ariel.

Start by farming field bosses in Hunting Fields. Field bosses drop some EXP but what you really want is the Evil Soul Orbs they drop. After you have three Evil Soul Orbs take them to the nearest village, other than Ruben, and talk to Ariel.

Ariel is very useful NPC for maximizing EXP gains. You can trade items, including the Evil Soul Orbs dropped by field bosses, for EXP boost medals. These medals increase the amount of experience you earn from all sources. There are a few different medals available with different boost percentages so keep going back to Ariel until you get the 50 or 100% medal to get the most out of your work. Each medal will only last for 24 hours and they do not stack.

Once you have a high percentage boost medal, start grinding. You can gain experience from almost anywhere in the game including the hot springs in Elrios. Focus on dungeons, bosses, and event quests to get the most out of your work.

Complete Camilla’s quest

Once you have chosen a first job and are at level 99 you will be able to access the search party collection feature. First you will need to earn the [COBO] El Search Party Collection Book item from Camilla. Camilla is an easy to spot NPC that can be found in any town except Ruben. Track her down and start the El Search Party Collection opens! quest to begin.

To complete the quest, all you have to do is purchase the Mysterious Collection Book from Ariel. If you have been grinding EXP from her, you probably already know where she is located in each village. Once you purchase the book, use it to add the collection system to your character’s quick slot menu. This will give you ccess to the search party collection feature and the buffs it grants.

You will have to complete this quest for each character you want to use this feature with. Every unique job grants it’s own buff. Devi for instance increases magical defense while Nisha Labyrinth increases your physical damage. Mix and match jobs to match your play style. The boost will increase in stages as you work through a character’s jobs until you hit the master class. Only one of each job will count towards the boost so if you have two Lofty:Executors you will only be getting a boost from the one with the highest stats.