How to get Aerogel in Subnautica

Find out how to craft Aerogel in this guide for Subnautica.

One of the more advanced materials that you’ll need to survive in the world of Subnautica is Aerogel. This light liquid is used to craft a ton of different things in the game, so you will definitely want to know how to get your hands on this resource.

How to get Aerogel

You will need to craft Aerogel at a Fabricator, which can be found in your starting base or Lifepod 5. The ingredients you’ll need for crafting are:

  • Gel Sack
  • Ruby

Neither are too hard to find, so let’s go over where they are located.

Finding a Gel Sack

You will find these things pretty frequently around the game, attached to cave walls that you can harvest by hand.

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You can spot them very easily thanks to their very unique, purple, glowing spots all over. You can pick them up or harvest them with a Knife.

Finding Ruby

Ruby is located in three locations in the game:

  • Grand Reef
  • Lost River
  • Sea Treader’s Tunnel Caves
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They are pretty easy to find, as well, due to their appearance: a small, white rock with four red spikes jutting out of it. They also glow at night, which makes them easy to find.