How to get Afflicted Blood in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Seek the blood.

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The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak endgame introduces several new monsters and the ability to craft Rarity 10 weapons and armor. Most Rarity 10 weapons require Afflicted materials to create, which you’ll farm from Afflicted monsters on Anomaly quests. Getting Afflicted Blood isn’t immediately available to farm for and will take you a few hours of post-game grinding to unlock.

Find out the best ways to get Afflicted Blood below.

Sources of Afflicted Blood

You need access to two-star Anomaly quests to farm Afflicted Blood in Sunbreak. When you first unlock Anomaly quests in Sunbreak, you’ll only have access to one-star offerings against the weakest monsters in the game: Great Izuchi, Great Baggi, etc. These monsters primarily offer Afflicted Bone. It isn’t until you unlock MR 20 following your fight against Master Rank Ibushi that two-star Anomaly quests become available.

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Four monsters provide Afflicted Blood, and all of them have a 20% chance of awarding it:

  • Afflicted Tetronodon
  • Afflicted Bishaten
  • Afflicted Khezu
  • Afflicted Daimyo Hermitaur

To actually receive Afflicted Blood, you have to break these monsters’ parts. The material is unavailable as a carve, target, or capture reward. The number you receive in the quest ending screen correlates directly with how many parts you broke during the hunt.

Best way to farm Afflicted Blood

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Of the four sources of Afflicted Blood, we recommend farming Afflicted Tetranadon. It has plenty of parts to break and is the slowest option with the best hit zones (areas for yellow damage numbers and weak points). It also doesn’t apply any negative status effects and has no parts that will cause your weapon to bounce and leave you vulnerable.

You can then turn around and use Tetronodon’s parts to fuel your Melding Pot Talisman farming, as most endgame gear, decorations, and other craftable items don’t use Tetranadon parts. They’re not worth many Melding points, but if you’re after a lot of Afflicted Blood, you’ll have plenty of materials after just a few hunts.