How to get Afflicted Bone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

These monsters have something terrible in their bones.

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Afflicted Bone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a unique material new to the DLC. It will drop in several places, but you must reach a certain point in the Sunbreak campaign to begin finding it. There’s little chance for you to obtain it before reaching this point, and even then you will need to seek it out by completing specific quests. This guide covers how to get Afflicted Bone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to find Afflicted Bone

You can only find Afflicted Bone when you unlock Anomaly quests. These will begin to appear after defeating Gaismagorm and the Qurio have moved on to a new host, attempting to feed on the many other monsters featured in the game. When you first receive Anomaly quests, there will be a handful of smaller monsters for you to find, but as you progress through the story and unlock harder Master Rank quests, these monsters become larger, and you deal with more dangerous threats.

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You can only receive Afflicted Bone by carving it out from the monster. It does not have a target, capture, or dropped material reward. Your only option is to break a part of a creature and then carve it from their bodies after slaying it. Regardless, these monsters cannot be captured, so you will need to slay them.

The more Anomaly quests you take and the higher Master Rank you become, the more chances you have to earn Afflicted Bone. It’s a material you will not find on the standard monsters, so make sure you take on Anomaly quests if you need these materials for weapons or armor at the smithy.