The best way to learn a new weapon in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Master a new tool.

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There are fourteen weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, all of which have different playstyles, build strategies, and optimal Switch Skill setups. Swapping off of the Switch Axe to the Greatsword, for instance, can put a massive strain on your muscle memory. A button sequence on one might be the best damage combo in your arsenal, but the other sees you standing in place doing nothing.

This guide will give tips on how to transition between weapons if you’d like some variety in how you hunt monsters.

Learning a new weapon in the Training Area

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The first and most important part of learning a new weapon is taking it into the Training Area in Kamura. Jumping straight into a hunt with no prep time is a recipe for frustration. Take 15 minutes or so to get a baseline for what buttons do what, how the weapon handles differently from what you’re familiar with, and work on some basic combo and Switch Skill activations.

Learning a new weapon in Low and High Rank

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Once you’ve laid a little groundwork, head into a Low or High Rank quest depending on where you are in the game. Your first hunts need to be in a comfortable, low-risk setting where mistakes can only be lightly punished and where those mistakes can be safely applied as lessons. Pick your favorite monster in one of the easier difficulties and try out your new weapon’s moves.

Easy hunts are an environment for experimentation and risk-taking. Don’t be afraid to try and be fancy, either. If you saw someone else do something cool-looking online or in a multiplayer hunt with the weapon you’re trying to learn, see if you can replicate it. The worst that can happen is you’ll take a little chip damage before you’re back in the fight.

Learning a new weapon in Master Rank

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You’re never going to advance the Sunbreak campaign or post-game in Low or High Rank, so once you feel satisfied with your knowledge of the new weapon, head into a one or two-star Master Rank quest solo or your favorite three or four-star with other players.

Start with the simple moves and, should you land some of them, add in the more advanced maneuvers. You’ll be punished far more for your mistakes, but you’ll have the satisfaction of using something somewhat unfamiliar against some of the tougher challenges Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak can throw at you.