How to get all achievements in Rescue Party: Live!

Get those achievements.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re a fan of games like Overcooked! you probably decided to pick up Rescue Party: Live! Functioning much like other party games, players must work together to save people from horrible disasters, such as burning buildings, collapsed rubble, and toxic gas. There are a few achievements to show mastery over the game, so here’s how to get all achievements in Rescue Party: Live!

There are achievements for both story and online mode, so you’ll have to head online if you want to get them all. Here’s a list of the achievements:

  • Medal of Honor: Get 500 rewards in games
  • Give Me A Hand: Invite a friend and finish one game
  • Gloable Operation: Finish one auto-matched game
  • Dawn of Victory: Unlock all 30 story mode levels
  • Panda Express: Rescue all pandas in every story mode level
  • Team Assemble: Unlock all nine characters
  • Safety First: Use four characters with a helmet equipped to finish one game
  • My Turn: Finish a game with each character at least once
  • Professional Team!: Win 10 games with zero Player Misses
  • Life Matters: Win 10 games with zero failed Rescues
  • Resource Manager: Win 10 games with zero resources despawned
  • Working Carefully: Get three stars in any forest region with zero Player Misses
  • The Song of Water and Fire: Get three stars in any ocean region with zero failed Rescues
  • Damage Control: Get three stars in any tunnel region with zero resources despawned
  • Rush Hour: Get three stars and evacuate one NPC during the final three seconds of the game
  • Here Comes the Light: Get three stars in the Rescue Camp region while keeping all lights on
  • ASAP: Get three stars and win one evacuation operation within 150 seconds
  • Love and Peace: Get three stars in every story stage