How to get all dresses for Aerith, Cloud, and Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Remake

There are three choices for three different characters.

Image via Square Enix

While playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, you have the option to obtain three different dresses for Aerith, Tifa, and Cloud. The choices come up in different parts of the game, with Tifa having the earliest selection.

With Tifa, you have three choices: Mature, Sporty, and Exotic. To get the option to choose her dress, you need to complete all of the side quests available in Chapter 3. After that, return to your bedroom, and you will receive a purple discovery mission you can do. You then have the option to choose what dress Tifa should wear, which happens later in the game.

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The Sporty dress, the Exotic dress, and the Mature dress

Unfortunately, you obtain all of them; you have to play through Chapter 3 different times. You can only have Tifa wear one of them, and to receive the trophy to obtain all of the dresses, you need to make three different choices. Rather than starting a game over, you need to complete the game once, and you unlock chapter select once you complete it so you can bounce back to Chapter 3 and finish it on any difficulty. If you do none of the side quests, the game automatically chooses the Mature dress option.

You receive the option to choose Aerith’s dress during Chapter 8. To obtain different dresses, you need to complete a specific number of side quests. For the pink dress, you need to do none of the side quests. For the superior pink dress, you need to do three out of the six side quests. For the red dress, you need to do all of the available side quests in the chapter.

The red dress, the basic pink dress, and the pink dress

To obtain Cloud’s dresses, it works a bit like Aerith’s, where you need to do specific side quests to unlock them. However, it depends on which ones you do. To unlock the black and blue dress, you need to do The Party Never Stops and A Dynamite Body side quests. For the white dress, you need to do The Price of Thievery and Shears’ Counterattack side quests. Each of the previous dress options requires you to do the Burning Thighs side quest. To receive the option for Cloud to wear the green dress, you need to do none of the side quests.

The blue and black dress, the green dress, and the black and white dress

When you repeat chapters to obtain the dresses, you did no pick the first time you need to complete the chapter. You cannot make the dress choice and then quit the game. Doing this does not count.