How to get all KSI Roblox items

Gear up with KSI accessories and be a part of the Launch Party concert.

Image via Roblox Corporation

To celebrate popular content creator KSI’s new album, Roblox is hosting a Launch Party experience. The event brings several gears based on KSI to the game, along with two free redeemable accessories.

As part of the Launch Party event, KSI will play four songs from his new All Over The Place album in a virtual performance on Roblox. A beatboxing ring dance floor will be set up in the game where players can enjoy the music with their friends.

As part of the celebration, players will also get two free accessories in Roblox:  Golden Headphones – KSI and AOTP Hat – KSI, both categorized as hat accessories that players will be able to claim. To get the items, simply log in to Roblox with your account and click on the links mentioned above, followed by clicking on Get.

Apart from the free accessories, there are also gears based on KSI that players can purchase using Robux. Check out the full list of gears below.

  • KSI bundle
  • Knockout Boxer Bottom
  • Wake Up Call Emote
  • Show Dem Wrists Emote
  • Boxing Punch Emote
  • KSI Head
  • Champion Boxer Bottom
  • Champion Boxer Top
  • Knockout Boxer Top
  • Lime Boxing Shorts
  • Championship Belt
  • Black Bandana with Dreads
  • London Back Flag
  • Neon Gamer Backpack
  • Neon Gamer Race Car Helmet
  • Royal Guard Hat
  • Royal Cape
  • Royal Scepter
  • Neon Gamer Glasses
  • KSI Torso
  • KSI Right Leg
  • KSI Right Arm
  • KSI Left Leg
  • KSI Left Arm

The virtual concert will kick off on August 13 at 4 pm PDT. The concert will refresh every hour until August 15, 11 pm PDT, so you can log in anytime during the period to be a part of the concert.