How to get all Kyber Bricks in the Uscru District Outlander Club in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Get 100% at the Outlander Club.

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The Outlander Club is a nightclub in the Uscru District of Coruscant, and in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, it’s the location of three tricky Kyber Bricks. You’ll first come across the Outlander Club during Episode II – Attack of the Clones. In fact, after completing the A Wrestle with Wesell level, you’ll find yourself right outside the Outlander Club.

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How to get the Kyber on the Dancefloor Kyber Brick

This Kyber Brick is suspended high above the center of the main dance floor. Switch to a Jedi or Dark Side character and use the Force to levitate your other character so that they’re directly above the Kyber Brick. Then, switch to that character to collect the Kyber Brick.

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How to get the Hearing Aid Kyber Brick

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Against the south wall of the Outlander Club are some very loud speakers. They’re so loud that you’ll be flung backwards and take damage if you go too close to them. To reach the Kyber Brick nestled among these speakers, you need to turn the speakers off. Switch to any character that can grapple and climb up the pillar to the left of the speakers. At the top, switch to a villain and use the terminal. Go through, and switch to a grappling character again to pull the huge switch directly above the speakers. Now, you can drop back down and get the Kyber Brick.

How to get the Under the Spotlight Kyber Brick

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Use a grappling character to climb the pillar to the right of the main entrance, then turn right at the top to find yet another one of Lego Star Wars’ famous red/green light switch puzzles. The objective here is to pull the switches until all five lights are on. This can get really confusing, but it can actually be done in just two moves. Pull the green switch (the middle one) to leave just the two lights on the left on, then pull the pink switch (to the right of the green one) to turn on the other three lights.