How to get all Leon Champion avatar items in Pokémon Go

Dress like a champion.

Image via Niantic

If you want your avatar in Pokémon Go to stand out, you want to create an iconic outfit for them using items available in the game. Many appearance items are available through the Pokémon Go shop, which you’ll need Pokécoins to unlock. However, there are a handful of avatar items that you can receive by working hard and completing certain objectives in the game. For example, during Pokémon Go’s Battle League Season 9, you have the chance to earn Leon’s Champion outfit.

These are all Leon’s Champion avatar items and how you can unlock them during Pokémon Go’s Battle League Season 9.

  • At Ace Rank, players unlock the Reigning Champion Sport Glove
  • At Veteran Rank, players receive Leon’s Look Sport Cap
  • At Expert Rank, players receive the Reigning Champion Sport Shorts
  • At Legend Rank, players receive the Reigning Champion Sport Top
  • Midway through Season 9, Leon’s iconic pose will be available for all Legend rank players

The best way to rank up and earn these items before Season 9 ends on November 29 is to compete in each of the many Pokémon Go Battle League competitions. The battles consist of the Great, Ultra, and Master Leagues, along with the other more unique cups and Premier leagues available during these battles. You’ll have access to numerous battles each day and even more during Go Battle Nights.

Leon’s pose will be available to trainers who earn it during the middle of Season 9 after October 11.