How to get All Might shards in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero during The Greatest Hero All Might event

The symbol of peace and justice.

Image via Sony Pictures

There are multiple heroes you can unlock in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Each of them comes with a unique series of abilities and talents that make them a powerful ally. Some of them are extraordinarily good compared to others, especially if you take them into PvP situations. For those who want to add All Might, the symbol of peace, to your roster, you’ll have a limited time to do this during The Greatest Hero All Might event starting on May 26.

There will be an All Might Recruit Pool available starting on the event’s release date. You’ll have to earn event recruit tickets. You can purchase them from the mall store using hero coins, which you can earn by playing through the game, completing daily activities, finishing achievements, and simply playing the game whenever you have energy.

All Might is among one of the best heroes you can earn in The Strongest Hero. He has an incredible array of AoE attacks that make him dangerous when battling multiple foes, and he’s able to chase down opponents, making him difficult to escape and regain your footing. All Might is considered one of the best PvP characters, and you can expect that by adding him to your agency, you’ll be able to win many more battles against other players.

The Greatest Hero All Might event and the All Might Recruit Pool will be available from May 26 to June 8.