How to get all new Town Slimes in Terraria: Labor of Love

All Terrarian Slimeologists agree that you should collect ’em all.

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In Terraria, you sometimes need to take a break from exploring biomes and killing monsters. Coming back to the town that you’ve built, you can rest, relax, and hang out with NPC townsfolk and some fun Town Pets that you’ve acquired. These are different from regular pets that follow you around because they choose to stay back home and wait for your return. Up until the Labor of Love update, Town Pets were limited to Town Cat, Town Dog, and Town Bunny. But now, there are eight dapper Town Slimes that can move in and hang out with the Terrarians. In this guide, we will explain how to collect them all.

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All 8 Town Slimes in Terraria and how to get them

Clumsy Slime

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This unfortunate violet slime can be found in the Space Layer biome. It’s floating around with a balloon near the floating islands. To get her, pop the balloon and help it down so that it can move into your town.

Cool Slime

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You don’t get the Cool Slime to move in, it comes to you when it’s ready. And it’s only ready when there is an active Party event in your town. Then, this Slime will appear and you can have it move in.

Diva Slime

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To get this slime, you have to do something quite dramatic. Take a Sparkle Slime Balloon (drops after defeating Queen Slime) and throw it into a pool of Shimmer. If you don’t have the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket, you’ll find that Shimmer pools can randomly spawn in Aether Cave biome. After that, you can adopt Diva Slime.

Elder Slime

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The dapper old Slime will move in after you manage to unlock an Old Shaking Chest found in the Cavern Layer biome by using a Golden Key. Finding the chest and the key will take a bit of exploration and luck, however, so make sure to keep an eye out for both.

Mystic Slime

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To get this very special Slime, head over to the Jungle biome. There, you will have to use Purification Powder on a Mystic Frog to spawn the Slime. The powder is easy to get from the Dryad, but if you’re having trouble finding the frog, you can use the Lifeform Analyzer to help you out.

Nerdy Slime

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Getting the Nerdy Slime to move in is quite easy. All you have to do is to defeat King Slime, who is one of the earliest and easiest pre-Hardmode bosses.

Squire Slime

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Getting the Squire Slime is not about inviting it, it’s about making one yourself. You see, to get the Squire Slime, you have to drop a Copper Helmet on a plain old Slime mob. That’s all there is to it. So just craft a Copper Helmet (takes 15 Copper Bars) and find any Slime that you want to dub your new squire.

Surly Slime

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To get the Surly Slime, you’ll have to do a fun little challenge. You have to go fishing during a Blood Moon event. If you’re lucky, you’ll fish out your very own Surly Slime. The best way to do this is after you’ve already secured your base from attacks and ideally created your own fishing pond.