How to get all possible endings in Nier Replicant

Lots of options.

Nier Replicant gives western players the chance to experience a special ending that was previously only available in a book released in Japan. This means there are five ending in total in Nier Replicant.

Players will need to do quite a bit of work if they wish to experience them all, but in this guide, we will walk you through the steps to get each ending. Many of these endings rely on players already having seen the previous ending, so there isn’t much skipping around to be done.

Ending A

The most basic one, just finish the game and take out the final boss. You will get a message advising you that you have unlocked Ending A after creating your save data. From now on when you load this save file it will start you at the halfway point of the game.

Ending B

Reload your Ending A save file, play through the second half, and you will now see Ending B. Make sure you make a new Ending B save file.

Ending C

Reload the Ending B save file, ensure you collect every weapon in the game. Play through the game and save before the final boss, then create a new save file after the final boss. This leads to yet another fight, and take the option to kill this boss.

Ending D

Reload your Ending C file from after the “final boss”, but before the surprise boss. This time, save their life to get Ending D. Your save file will be erased.

Ending E

Start a new game after getting your file erased, and make sure you use a different name. Play up until the recruitment of Kaine, and from that point on the game will be different, and you will experience a new story, cutscenes, and ending.