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How to get all rare cats in Neko Atsume

Here is what food items and goodies you need to get the rare cats in the game.

Since its release in 2014, Neko Atsume has gained a lot of popularity over the years with over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. On paper, the game is a mere cat collector, but it does have a lot of cool mechanics, which makes it pretty fun to play. The game features a total of 22 rare cats that players can acquire. Here is how to get all rare cats in Neko Atsume.

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Bengal Jack

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The Bengal Jack is a pirate with a Reckless personality and power level of 66. It loves the Luxury Treasure-Box and will only spawn when Ritzy Bitz, Bonito Bitz or Deluxe Tuna Bitz is out.

Billy the Kitten

This outlaw cat has the highest power level in the game with a rating of 250. It has a Nihilistic personality and will spawn when the Cowboy hat is laid out provided you are not using Sashimi.

Bob the Cat

To make Bob the Cat appear, you need to have the Cat Metropolis out. It loves all kinds of foods, has a power level of , and has an Outdoorsy personality.

Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow loves the Earthenware Pot and Sunken Fireplace. It has a Boorish personality, loves all kinds of food, and has a power level of 111.

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Conductor Whiskers


Conductor Whiskers loves Cardboard Choo-Choo and Twisty Rail, so you need to have those out for it to spawn. It has a power level of 50 and has a Vigilant personality.


Frost has the least power level of all cats with a power level of 5, and to make it spawn you need to have things laid out which can make it comfortable. That mostly includes a wide range of pillows but do note that you need to avoid Thrifty Bitz since it hates that.

Guy Furry

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When the heating stove is around, Guy Furry will spawn with every food type except Thrifty Bitz. However, if the Glass Vase is laid out, it will spawn with every food type. It has an Artisan personality and power level of 30.


Hermeowne has a Gentle personality and a power level of 200. It likes the Egg Bed (Nightview) and won’t spawn when Frisky Bitz is out.

Joe DiMeowgio

To make Joe DiMeowgio show up, you need to have baseball laid out. As far as the food is concerned, its spawn doesn’t depend on which food is out so you don’t have to worry about that. It has a Team Player personality and a power level of 28.


Kathmandu is a cat with a Refined personality and it will visit you if the Lacquered bowl is out even if other cats are using it. However, when the Lacquered bowl is out, make sure you are not using Thrifty Bitz or Frisky Bitz food types. Similarly, it will spawn when the Temari Ball is out given that you are not using Thrifty Bitz.

Kitty Hawks (Japanese Server Only)

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Only available on the Japanese server, Kitty Hawks has pretty simple tastes — it loves all food types and the baseball. With a Mild personality and power level of 200, Kitty Hawks is pretty to get if you have a baseball lying around.

Lady Meow-Meow

Lady Meow-Meow is another snobby cat with a love for the Luxurious Hammock and Diva personality. It has a power level of 100 and hates Thrifty Bitz.

Mr. Meowgi

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Mr. Meowgi is a cat with a mentoring personality and loves the scratching log and Sakura pillow. With a power level of 250, it loves all kinds of food.

Ms. Fortune

Unlike her name, Ms. Fortune has a pretty simple taste in things, with an affinity for the Cardboard house. It has a charismatic personality and a power level of 20.

Ramses the Great

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Ramses the Great borrows its name from the Egyptian legends and it has a Riddler personality with a power level of 230. It will spawn when the Pyramid is laid out provided that you are not using Sashimi.

Saint Purrtrick

Saint Purrtrick is another snobby cat who loves Silk Crepe Pillow and Kotatsu. A lover of all types of food, Saint Purrtrick has an awe-inspiring personality and a power level of 222.

Sapphire & Jeeves

Sapphire is the most naive cat in the game alongside Jeeves and they both appear together as well. They love the Fairy-tale parasol and Tower of Treats and all kinds of food. Sapphire has a Naive personality and a power level of 20 while Jeeves has a Nimble personality with a power level of 210.

Sassy Fran

Sassy Fran wears the outfit of a French maid and loves the Cardboard Cafe. To make them appear, just have the Cardboard Cafe laid out with any food item except Thrifty Bitz. It has an Enthusiastic personality and power level of 180.

Señor Don Gato

Señor Don Gato loves Mister Mouse, and all kinds of food, so you just need to have Mister Mouse laid out and Gato will show up. It has a Scheming personality and has a power level of 30.


Tubbs is a gourmet who doesn’t like any toys or furniture, except the food bowl and giant cushion. Depending on which of the two furniture you have laid out, it may or may not like Thrifty Bitz, Bonito Bitz, and Deluxe Tuna Bitz. It has a Finicky Feaster personality and has a power level of 130.


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Whiteshadow doesn’t need any specific goodie to spawn and “Espionage activity” and “Scouting Mission” shows up in the Goodies section when it spawns. It is one of the hardest cats to get in the game since there is no specific way to spawn it and its spawn is very sporadic. It has an Elusive personality and power level of 195.

Xerxes IX

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Xerxes IX is a supercilious cat who loves being pampered, so you need to have the Zanzibar Cushion and Royal Bed laid out for the cat to appear. It loves all types of food, has a Regal personality, and power level of 70.

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