How to get all rewards in the Hunt: Showdown Winter Solstice event

Naughty or nice, the Bayou doesn’t care.

Hunt Showdown Winter Solstice holiday event

Image via Crytek

On December 15 Hunt: Showdown launched into its final limited-time event for 2021. This time themed around the Winter Solstice tradition, complete with a creepy song and original lore. The Hunt: Showdown Winter Solstice event is very similar to last year’s Holiday Event, or any other event in the game’s live service history, for that matter. When you log in, you can see the Event tab at the top of your screen – from there, you can review the reward track and everything you can unlock before the Winter Solstice event ends. The complete list of rewards includes the following items:

  • Calling Bird Throwing Axe skin
  • Evergreen Quad Derringer skin
  • Spirit of Yule Fire Bomb skin
  • The Mountain King Winfield Swift skin
  • Corvus Cavalry Saber skin
  • Devil’s Advocate Legendary Hunter skin

In addition to these cosmetics, the Winter Solstice event reward track also includes two Berthier rifles, Berthier custom ammo, three Frag Grenades, and 500 Hunt Dollars. You can see all of the limited-time cosmetic items in action in Crytek’s tongue-in-cheek event trailer, which parodies a certain iconic holiday movie.

To progress through the Hunt: Showdown Winter Solstice rewards track, players need to collect event points in regular matches of Quickplay or Bounty Hunt. This is done by destroying Solstice Tributes (the presents found around the map and dropped by bosses, each worth 6 points), investigating Event clues and Rifts (each worth 16 points), and looting dead hunters (worth 20 points). In other words, the best way to unlock all rewards is by playing the game, tracking the objective, and fighting enemy players. You won’t require an optimized loadout for the Winter Solstice event, though a silenced rifle or pistol could come in handy, as it will let you destroy Tributes quietly and from afar. The Vulture trait is also useful because it will allow you to loot dead hunters more often, scoring a lot of extra event points.

The Hunt: Showdown Winter Solstice event runs until January 5. Based on the rate at which event points can be accumulated by just playing the game, casual players who only log in for a couple of matches a day should be able to get most of the way through the rewards track, though not all the way. Those with more free time to grind should have no issue unlocking all limited-time rewards in the given time window.