How to earn event points in Hunt: Showdown’s Blood & Ice holiday event

It’s a cold one.

Image via Crytek

A new seasonal event has arrived to Hunt: Showdown to celebrate the winter holiday season. Players will be able to earn winter-themed weapons and a new legendary hunter named Skinflint. For players eager to earn new themed weapons to their weapon collection, you have multiple ways to earn event points in and out of Hunt: Showdown.

The Blood & Ice event starts on December 16, and continues until the 31.

How to earn event points in Blood & Ice

Smashing gifts

There are holiday gifts that you can find all over the map. These gifts are difficult to miss as they are neatly packaged boxes, typically in random locations. Destroying these gifts awards you two points, so it’s a good way to stack up event points while exploring the map, searching for your prey.

Alternatively, gifts spawn in two other ways. The first is underneath a Christmas tree, which are also in random locations. If you see a Christmas tree reaching up to the sky in the distance, head on over to it, and you’ll discover three gifts underneath the tree. All you have to do is destroy, like the other gifts.

The second way to find gifts to destroy them after they drop from the bosses. After you defeat the boss, the enemy drops a few gifts you can destroy, while also securing the bounty.

Investigating event-themed clues

To help you locate the bounty on your map, there are several clues you can find throughout the map, up to three. During the Blood & Ice event, several of them will be holiday-themed, and approaching these to investigate will give you five-event points, allowing you to acquire up to 15 during a single game.

Watching Certified Twitch Streamers

Hunt: Showdown developers have utilized Twitch Streamers to help promote the game and have used Twitch drops pretty frequently. To encourage more players to check out any of the certified streamers, players have the chance to earn 10 points for every 30 minutes they watch one of the streamers playing the game. These can add up to 200 points per day, and if you reach that cap, players can receive those points the next day after the unlock timer.

The certified Hunt: Showdown streamer list is over here. Click on any of the streamers from this, and if they’re playing the game, you can earn a few points while you play the game yourself. Watching the streamers play is not the best way to earn points, but every little bit counts.