How to get all ship upgrades in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

The best upgrades for the best ship.

Image via BioWare

There are multiple ship upgrades you will need to acquire for the Normandy in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. These upgrades make it a lot easier to tackle the Collector Base at the end of the game, protecting your crew during the assault. Without these upgrades, it’s possible to lose vital crew members before you land the station and take the fight to the Collections. We highly recommend making sure you have these before activating the Omega-4 Relay.

All Ship Upgrades

Advanced Mineral Scanner

You’ll be able to unlock this upgrade after completing Miranda’s loyalty mission. You can speak to her on the ship about adding it to the Normandy, or you can choose to grab it directly from the upgrade terminal in Mordin’s lab. This is not one of the required upgrades, but it makes it much easier to scan for resources throughout the galaxy.

It costs 15,000 Iridium to create.

Extended Fuel Cells

The extended fuel cells are another upgrade for the Normandy that is not required, but makes traveling through the galaxy much easier. You can receive it by completing the loyalty mission for Samara, or Morinth depending on who you side with. You can speak to them about the upgrade.

It costs 3,000 Element Zero to create.

Heavy Ship Armor

The heavy ship armor is a requirement. You’ll be battling against the Collector’s base and multiple drones during the final mission. You want to make sure you do not start the Suicide Mission without it. You can acquire this by speaking with Jacob at any time on the Normandy and asking him about making upgrades to the ship.

It costs 15,000 Palladium to create.

Med-bay Upgrade

This is an upgrade you can receive pretty quickly. You’ll receive the option after you recruit Mordin. He sends you an email about the Med-bay upgrade he wants to install. As soon as you have enough resources, you can choose to add this to the Normandy. This is not one of the critical systems, so choosing to forgo this upgrade is completely fine.

It costs 50,000 Platinum to create.

Modular Probe Bay

While the modular probe bay is not required for the Suicide Mission, it’s a useful upgrade to help collect resources much easier. You can receive this by speaking with Thane after his loyalty mission, or you can grab it from Mordin’s lab.

It costs 15,000 Iridium to create.

Multicore Shielding

This is another required upgrade. The multicore shielding will protect the Normandy during the Suicide Mission and is essential to keep all of your crew members alive. You can receive this after speaking with Tali and completing her loyalty mission.

It costs 15,000 Palladium to create.

Thanix Cannon

The thanix cannon is another required upgrade that you want to make sure you have before embarking on the Suicide Mission. You can receive it after completing Garrus’ loyalty mission. You’ll need these to put a dent in the Collector’s defenses.

It costs 15,000 Platinum to crate.