How to get all Summer Shell DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The arrival of summer means more DIY recipes

Image via Nintendo

You know summer has officially arrived when you can start looking for Summer Shells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The summer season will arrive to the game for those in the northern hemisphere starting on June 1, and those in the southern hemisphere can expect to see it on December 1. When you start to see Summer Shells around your beach, you can expect to see and be on the lookout for Summer Shell-based recipes.

Summer Shell Recipes

The first Summer Shell recipe you will receive in New Horizons is the Shell wreath. You will receive from Isabelle during the morning announcements on the first day of summer. Everyone will have access to it, so you can expect to see it becoming a popular item. You can acquire the other recipes from the floating balloon presents floating around your island. You will need to carry around your slingshot with you to shoot them down and acquire the recipe inside.

Shell Wand

  • Three summer shells
  • Three star fragments

Shell Wreath

  • One summer shell
  • One sea snail
  • One sand dollar
  • One coral
  • One giant clam
  • One cowrie

Shellfish Pochette

  • Two giant clams
  • Six summer shells

Starry-sands Flooring

  • Three summer shells
  • One Sandy-beach Flooring

Tropical Vista

  • Five summer shells

Underwater Flooring

  • Three summer shells
  • Three corals

Underwater Wall

  • Three summer shells
  • Five corals

Water Flooring

  • Six summer shells

Many of these items use Summer Shells as their base, but they do require other items for you to use to finish creating them. Many of them you will find on the beach, so make sure to scour the sides of your island to locate all of the available beach-related items you can acquire during the summer months. If we discover more Summer Shell recipes in New Horizons, we will add them to this guide.