How to get all Tifa outfits in Final Fantasy VII Remake

How do you unlock all three?

How long does it take to beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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During Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy VII Remake, you have the option to choose one of Tifa’s outfits. Later on the game, she has your choice of an outfit. However, because there are three choices, many players are curious if you can obtain all three. If you get all nine different costumes for certain characters during the game, you receive an achievement for doing so.

To obtain all three of Tifa’s outfit choices in the game, you need to play through that specific chapter and complete it at different times. No, you don’t have to start the game over again multiple times. You do have to play through the Remake at least once, though. After you beat the game, you unlock the option to chapter select through the game and freely play through any portion of the game. You can do this on any difficulty, too.

To unlock the option for Tifa to give you a choice of dress you need to do all of the side quests available in Chapter 3. You will receive a purple discovery quest, which you can find in your bedroom. The choices available to you include: Mature, for the purple dress, Sporty for the black dress, and Exotic for the black dress with a short skirt.

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When you unlock chapter select, you need to go back to Chapter 3, where you have the option to make Tifa’s outfit choice. Make a different outfit choice and then complete the chapter. There are two other characters you need to make unique outfit decisions for later in the game. After you obtain all three different outfits for the character, you’ll be able to receive the trophy for completing it.

You can repeat any of the chapters on a harder or easier difficulty. You can complete the entire game on the same save file on the hard difficulty to have all your characters reach level 50. It’s a little like a new game plus mode, but it doesn’t start you over from the beginning. You can choose to play in any chapter.