How to get all toys on Cultist Base in Doom: Eternal

Locate these secret toys to add to your collection.

Secrets are all over Doom: Eternal, and a notable secret everyone will want to go after concerns the cute toys you can find in the game. The Cultist Base level contains two of them hidden in the game, and finding them is a little out of the way while you run around the mission.

You can find the first toy near the start of the mission. After you jump down, grabbing the wall, and turn to face down seem demons on the body of a dead demon skeleton, there’s one hanging at the top of a skull. To reach it, you need to proceed forward as you usually would: double jump and dash toward the jump boost platform on the other side. Fly into the air to grab the first wall, and then leap, dashing to grab the second one covered in mines. Rather than crawl to the top, turn to the skull to jump and dash on top of it.

You can get the second and final toy shortly after you acquire your Super Shotgun. It’s a little way after you punch all of the blocks open to raise the gates and jump down into an area where there are several swinging blades. Between the second and third blade, you can find a ventilation entrance off to the right side. You can break it open, and the toy will be inside.

There are 30 collectible toys scattered throughout Doom: Eternal. Make sure to check your map often to double-check if you missed any during your journey, and feel free to repeat the levels over again in mission select to try finding them.