How to get all toys on Exultia in Doom: Eternal

All of the toy locations on Exultia.

There are 30 toys scattered throughout the Doom: Eternal levels. You can find them in a variety of places, each of them based on an iconic demon or character in the game. This guide breaks down the locations for the toys found on the Exultia level.

The first toy is found in the large tower shortly after you arrive on the level. You will have access to it once you have acquired your first rune. After you do that, scale down the damaged stairs and follow the path, but don’t jump down. Instead, turn to your right and you should a small alcove. Inside this area, to the left, is a breakable away. Melee it and the toy will be on the other side.

The second and final toy on this level is found after you go through the large portal into Hell, a little after the first slayer gate of the game. It’s after the falling platforms that are above lava and flaming chains. When you reach the top, jump through an electric gate and dash to grab the holding on the other side of it. Turn to your right to see another holding you need to jump and dash to grab. Holding on to it, turn to your left and jump to the ledge. To your right is a flaming lava river. Jump over it and go into the corner to find the toy.

There are 30 toys to find in the game, scattered all of Doom: Eternal. Collect them all to complete your collection on your Fortress of Doom ship.