How to get Aluminum in Breathedge

It’s a process.


Image via RedRuins Softworks

Breathedge is filled with resources that you will need to gather up in order to survive. Many of them are chained together, requiring a sequence of resources and items to be found and built before you can get them. In this guide, we will show you how to get Aluminum.

The harvest Aluminum, you will first need a Drill. You can get the blueprints for the Drill in your ship, on the table near the processor. To make the drill you will need the following:

  • Refined metal
  • Battery
  • Thick electrical tape

Refined metal can be made in the processor under the Resource tab from four pieces of metal that can be found floating outside the ship. The battery can be found in a speaker outside the ship. Go to the airlock and look left at the large wreckage. Float across and you will find a speaker floating near the two corpses on the couch. Break it using a Handy Scrapper to get batteries.

If you need to make a Handy Scrapper, you can make one for 3 metal pieces under the Tools tab in the processor. For electrical tape, you will need to make Shears.

When you have the Shears, head outside the ship and go to the wreckage above your ship with “Coffin with love” written on the side. Cut the two rubber sheets, then go back to the processor and you can make thick electrical tape under the Resources/Common Resources tab.

Speaker location

Once the drill has been made, it’s time to go outside and head for the asteroid behind your ship. This is easy to find, as there is a piece of wreckage with a danger sign on it and some broken wiring.

You will find an aluminum deposit on the asteroid right behind the ship section that you can harvest with the drill. Once you have it all, you can then return to the ship. Keep an eye open for other pockets of Aluminum on your many spacewalks.