How to get wire in Breathedge

No birds on it.


Image via RedRuins Softworks

Breathedge involves gathering up a lot of resources so you can make items that will help you survive, or explore deeper into the wreckage. A common material that you will need is wire.

Thankfully, there is plenty of wire to be had in a game where large chunks of spaceship are lying around the place. It will involve heading outside of your own ship for a spacewalk, but you won’t need extra oxygen to gather up enough of this resource for the early game.

Image via Gamepur

The first place to check is the large wreckage directly across from the airlock of your own ship. Floating across and check the ends of all the wires that are sticking out of the ship and you will find some wire.

The second place is over to the left, where two bodies are sitting on a couch playing video games. On the lower part of the platform is a lot of wire that you can gather up.

You can also get down from your own ship, where a crack orb-shaped ship can be found down near all the frozen fluid. Just keep checking all the wreckage around your own ship and you will find plenty of wire.

The most important thing is to be careful about how you use it. Wire, just like anything else, has a lot of different uses, so make sure you are only building items that you actually need.