How to make a Cryptographic Debugging Station in Breathedge

It’s a delicate machine.

Image via RedRuins Softworks

One of the first items players will need to build in Breathedge is the Cryptographic Debugging Station. This is needed to fix the communication system and will be a soft introduction to crafting mechanics in the game.

The good news is that nothing you need for this is particularly rare, and all the pieces are quite easy to find in close proximity to your ship.

To make the Cryptographic Debugging Station, you will need the following:

  • Metal x 2
  • Wire

Metal is easy to find and will be floating outside the air hatch to your ship. Go for a spacewalk and search for small orange and white metal balls that will be floating through space. Grab them with the left mouse button, the return to the hatch to get some air.

For wire, leave the ship again and make your way across to the large wrecked ship ahead of you. Go up toward the top of the structure and make your way to the end of the wrecked beams that are closest to your own ship.

Some of these will end with exposed wiring that you can pull off, getting a piece of wire for yourself. When you have it, return to the ship and interact with the processor. Go to Equipment, and then Tools, and select the Cryptographic Debugging Station.

Build the device, then interact with the comms unit at the end of your ship to fix it and complete this part of the game.