How to Get Amalgam Barrel Diffusion in Warframe


Amalgam Barrel Diffusion is a hybrid mod in Warframe that grants bonuses to Pistol Multishot, and dodge speed. When you use it, you can’t use the standard Barrel Diffusion mod in conjunction with it.

You can obtain this mod by getting 50 points during the Thermia Fractures event on Orb Vallis. This event is not permanent, but it is pretty standard at the moment. The event involves killing Coolant Raknoids and using their parts to seal Thermia Fractures on Orb Vallis. Each Fracture you seal is worth one point, although filling a canister you get from the Coolant Raknoids rewards you seven points. You will need to reach 50 points to unlock the Amalgam Barrel Diffusion mod.

The Amalgam Barrel Diffusion mod bestows the following benefits:

  • Rank Zero + 18 percent Multishot, +10 percent Dodge Speed
  • Rank One + 37 percent Multishot, +20 percent Dodge Speed
  • Rank Two + 55 percent Multishot, +30 percent Dodge Speed
  • Rank Three + 73 percent Multishot, +40 percent Dodge Speed
  • Rank Four + 91 percent Multishot, +50 percent Dodge Speed
  • Rank Five + 110 percent Multishot, +60 percent Dodge Speed

Many do not consider the Amalgam Barrel Diffusion to be a powerful mod. It gives a lesser Multishot bonus than the standard Barrel Diffusion mod, while dodge speed is considered a dead stat for practically all Warframes in the game. The only Warframe that benefits from it is Limbo because it allows him to do his dodge-shift into the Void faster.

It does give the dodge speed benefit from merely being on your pistol, however. You don’t need to have the pistol in your hand to receive the bonus. It does have a high mod capacity draw, maxing out at 15 draw at Rank five.

While you may not use Amalgam Barrel Diffusion, it is still worth obtain when it is available, as a future patch could turn it into something more valuable to discerning Tenno out there.