How to get an Armored Truck in Call of Duty: Warzone

As safe as houses.

Image via Activision

Armored Trucks offer the ultimate degree of protection of Call of Duty: Warzone. Players who want to get one will need to get just a little lucky during their games, however.

The first step to getting an armored truck is to find a satellite. Satellites now crash into the map during a round, and it is even possible to call one down using an Uplink Station.

An Uplink Station looks just like a Recon Station, which you stand next to for the Recon Contracts. They work the same way. All you have to do is approach them, wait for the bar to fill, and a Crashed Satellite shows up a few seconds later. You can also take out some enemies that have called one in, if you get to the scene in time.

Make your way to the reward cache that crashes on the amp and might just find a great reward waiting for you. Grab the Armored Truck Scorestreak and then it makes sense to leave the area and get to somewhere safe before calling in the loadout drop. You can also upgrade the following options on your truck using a Buy Station:

  • Armored Truck
    • Refill Trophy ($2500)
    • Repair Armored Truck ($1500)
  • Armored Truck Upgrade
    • Heat Resistant Barrel ($3000)
    • Heavy Armor ($2000)
    • Trophy System ($3000)
    • UAV ($4000)
  • Equipment
    • Armor Box ($6000)
    • Munitions Box ($4500)