How to get and craft the wave breaker in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Break some waves.

You can find a variety of different DIY projects while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons to enhance the appearance and presentation of your island. Many players might be looking for an item called the wave breaker. You can obtain in a simple, straightforward way while playing the game, and there’s far less luck surrounding it than other DIY projects.

When you have enough points and have the Resident Services center upgrade enough, go inside and proceed to the right side of the building. You should see the Resident Services terminal, where you can redeem your Nook Miles for a variety of different rewards. One of these rewards is the wave breaker DIY project. Scroll down the list until you see it, and add the item into your collection. It should be available for all players for a few thousand Nook Miles.

After you purchase it, you can find it in your inventory to learn. Once you learn it, proceed to any of the available workshops on your island to start crafting it. It costs 10 clay to make and 10 stone. The object takes up the space of 2.0×2.0, so make sure to keep that in mind when you’re planning your designs on your island. You can freely craft it as many times as you want, as long as you have enough of the materials to make it happen.

The item is a one-time purchase, so you don’t have to consistently visit the Resident Services terminal to prepare them around your island.