How to get and create a Jomsviking, and what they do in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

A powerful ally to anyone.

The Jomsviking are revered as some of the most powerful allies you can have when undergoing raids. In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you have the chance to create one when you make your way over to England and create your settlement. The Jomsviking has a distinct purpose, and the one you create will be a potential ally to other raiders playing the game.

How to get a Jomsviking 

When you want to create your Jomsviking, you have to create the barracks structure in Ravensthorpe. It costs you raw materials and supplies, so you need to go raiding to obtain those resources. After you have enough, go to the sign next to the harbor to build it, and you’ll gain access to your Jomsviking.

How to create a Jomsviking

Speak to the woman standing to the right of the sign after you’ve constructed the building. She’ll say she has a few recruits she wants you to look at and wants you to pick the one to use. This takes you to a character creation screen where you can have your Jomsviking wear any of the gear items Eivor has discovered during their journey, and they can wear them. There will be no stats in place, as these are purely aesthetic. They also do not leave your inventory, so you can choose for them to wear the gear Eivor is wearing. You can change the change as you want, and you can cycle through their appearance, which also changes their name. You cannot go into in-depth character creation with them.

When you’re finished, click the assign button at the bottom, and you have a brief cutscene to see your Jomsviking standing before you.

What do they do?

Jomsviking will be available to other players in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla who are playing the game online. The Jomsviking hang out in front of their barracks, and players can speak to them to recruit them. Once you have access to the barracks, you can recruit one made by another player by walking up and speaking to them. These Jomsviking do not work for cheap, though. Yours will appear in your longboat, fighting alongside you.