How to get and evolve Mille Bolle Blu in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell

A new weapon to use against undead enemies.

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Vampire Survivors’ Legacy of the Moonspell DLC has incorporated quite a few new weapons to take advantage of as you fight to make it through a full 30-minute session. Just buying the DLC doesn’t get you these items, though. You need to put in work to acquire them. When it comes to the Mille Bolle Blu, this bubbly weapon can be obtained and then evolved to become more powerful. Here is how to unlock and evolve the Mille Bolle Blu in Vampire Survivors.

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How to unlock Mille Bolle Blu in Vampire Survivors

Before you can unlock Mille Bolle Blu in Vampire Survivors, you will need to own the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. After you have it, you need to work on unlocking the character Gab ‘Et-Oni. To do this, you have to defeat 6,000 Kappa enemies. These are standing turtle enemies that appear in the new Mt. Moonspell level. At the start of this level, head straight west, and you will eventually come across a dirt path. Follow it north until you reach a frozen lake with an Attractorb in it. When you reach this lake, the Kappas will begin surrounding you. Get 6,000 kills over time here, and you will get Gab ‘Et-Oni available for purchase with Gold Coins.

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How to upgrade Mille Bolle Blu in Vampire Survivors

To evolve Mille Bolle Blu, we recommend playing a game with Gab ‘Et-Oni, and any time you see the weapon appear when you level up, choose that upgrade. Additionally, you need the King Bible weapon. Use both of these and choose to level them up whenever you get the chance. When both are maxed out, the next evolution treasure chest that you open up will contain the evolved form of Mille Bolle Blu, the Boo Roo Boolle.